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I’m not just about dogs, I love the many feline clients, as well as my own kitties! I understand that cats have very distinct personalities from dogs, but don’t believe for a second the stereotype of them being aloof and non-affectionate. Cats are simply more discerning of whom they trust, so I’ll treat yours with all the patience necessary to win them over. There is simply no way to rush a cat to do anything until it’s good and ready! As a stranger entering their domain, I give them the space and assurance they need to recognize that I can be trusted.
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I visit cats once or twice daily, depending on their individual needs for food, medications or snuggles. I learn the ins and outs of your cat’s daily routine, including popular hiding places and favorite activities at the initial consult. As long as your cat is compliant, I’m able to give oral and transdermal medications as well. While I understand that many cats enjoy the outdoors, they will need to remain inside on my watch, except for barn or feral cats. If your cat is trained to a harness and your yard is safe, I’d be happy to take him/her outside for some fresh air! A trial walk is necessary.

Every other day visits are NOT offered—sadly, I have seen and heard of too many instances of cats becoming trapped in a closet, behind the washer, etc. Cats are also great at hiding illnesses, so it’s essential to visit at least every 24 hours to check the food/water intake, litterbox and general demeanor. This way, I can notice if something doesn’t seem “quite right” and alert you immediately.

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Every visit will include litter scooping, maintaining a clean area around the litter box, and food & fresh water. Food dishes will be washed after each meal, just like yours! Any messes noticed will be thoroughly cleaned, of course. Once the chores are done, it’s playtime! If your cat prefers a quiet lap to curl up in, or perhaps a daily brushing—I’m happy to oblige!

30 min, $25, up to 3 cats*
45 min, $35*
60 min, $45*

Longer visits allow us to slow the pace a bit and ensure that each kitty gets enough quality time for playing and snuggling! If I visit twice per day, the visit lengths do not need to be the same; a shorter visit for a meal or check-in is perfectly fine.

*Rates may increase slightly based on your location.